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Exciting News: New Location Nov'23 and Switching Programs!

-WAO Fitness

20 Sept 2023

New Location, PRVN, and Endless Possibilities

Hey WAO Fitness Fam,

We want to kick things off by saying a massive thank you for your support during this time of change. We are excited to announce to the world that we have secured a new location at 21 Media Circle #01-06 Infinite Studios, 138562.

WAO Fitness @ Media Circle – Coming November 2023!

Mark your calendars because in just a few short months, our doors at 21 Media Circle will be wide open to welcome all of you. This new chapter promises exciting opportunities, fresh experiences, and a vibrant fitness journey like never before

Current Members – We've Got You Covered

To our awesome current members, no need to stress. You'll still have access to sessions at Turf City and our soon-to-be Media Circle location until the end of the year. We understand that change can be challenging, and we're committed to making this move as smooth as possible for you.

Exploring Outdoor Fitness

At WAO Fitness, we know how much you enjoy working out in the great outdoors. We're actively exploring options for an outdoor fitness space, so you can still enjoy those invigorating outdoor workouts that we all love.

New Fitness Program: CrossFit with PRVN

We have made the move to follow CrossFit affiliate programming from PRVN. We believe that this is the perfect fit for our community, offering comprehensive programming that caters to our diverse needs.

What's Cooking in Our New Program:

  • Regular Affiliate Program

  • Special stuff for Masters

  • Opportunities for Competitors

  • Welcoming new members to CrossFit, no matter your level

Some Things Never Change

A few things are staying put to keep your fitness experience top-notch:

  • Daily MetCon workouts crafted by Jed to keep that metabolic fire burning.

  • Saturdays are still all about epic partner WODs that you love.

  • Sundays are Coach's Choice – think bodybuilding, gymnastics, and strongman workouts.

Let's Embrace Change Together

Change is the heartbeat of progress, and we're ready to embrace it with open arms. At WAO Fitness, we're committed to delivering the same dedication, passion, and community spirit you've come to love, just with a fresh twist.

"Same, Same but Different" 🫰🏼

Team WAO is beyond thrilled to take you on this new journey. We can't wait to see you at our Media Circle location in November 2023! Psst... check out a sneak peek of what's coming below. 😉

Keep an eye out for more updates, and let's continue this incredible fitness journey together.

Team WAO🍍

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