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Vesak Day Happenings and Summer Courses!

-WAO Fitness

5 Jun 2023

Vesak, Hyrox, Victory Grips, Venus Weightlifting and June/July Courses!

It's been a busy month, with a lot of news to share. 

Vesak Day

Our Hyrox themed public holiday WOD was a great intro session for those who have signed up for the challenge coming to Singapore on Oct 7 .

The team of four WOD kicked off with a series of challenging exercises.  Sled Push, Sled Pulls, Burpee broad jumps, wall balls, rowing, skiing and farmers carries, each punctuated with 1km team runs between each of the eight stations (each person taking 250meters).  Sweat poured, muscles burned, good times were had!

Pink Golf Fundraiser 

We are thrilled to bring you the results of our successful Pink Golf Fundraiser! 

This event has been a remarkable journey filled with joy, solidarity, and a passionate commitment to making a difference. We thank Stuart and Tamra for their time and commitment to the cause. 

With the incredible support of our WAO Community, we raised a total of $12230.43 and had a great time doing it! 

Thanks to Dr. Elaine Lim from the National Cancer Centre Singapore for coming down to WAO to receive the giant cheque! 

WAO Store

Our legendary WAO  t-shirts are now available online via our WAO Store.

 We are also excited to announce that we are now supplying Victory Grips to anywhere in Singapore, check out the range we have in stock. 

Venus Weightlifting

Special visitors from China! 

We were lucky to have Gaby and Chad from Venus Weightlifting stop by for a 2 hour seminar on Sunday 4 June. We covered the Snatch and Clean, learning the famous Panda Pulls! . A great afternoon soaking up all the knowledge we could in the 2 hours. The afternoon ended on a high with all participants hitting a Clean PR. 

June/July Courses: 

Gymnastics- Kipping & Bar Muscle Up

This course is for those looking to perfect their kipping and get that first (of many) Muscle Ups.

Pre-Requirements for this course: Ability to do Pull Ups & Chest to Bar Pull ups (at least 5)

Please note the dates and times:

JUNE 11th - 11am-12:30

JUNE 18th- 10am-11:30

JULY 2nd - 10am-11:30

SIGN UP WAO member

SIGN UP general


Join Coach Van to learn the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk in this 3-session Weightlfting seminar.

Be ready Saturday mornings 10am - 11:30 where Van will teach you drills to improve your pulls, positioning and extensions to build a strong foundation for bigger lifts and to improve barbell cycling in a wod.

Please note the dates:

JUNE 10th

JUNE 17th

JULY 1st


Wishing everyone safe travels as we enter that time of year.

Team WAO

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