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WAO Fitness Shines at HYROX with Multiple Wins

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9 Oct 2023 HYROX Singapore, October 7th

WAO Fitness demonstrated their fitness prowess at the recent HYROX competition, with several athletes claiming top spots in various categories. HYROX, known for its challenging blend of functional fitness and endurance tests, attracted participants from across the region. Key Results:

  • Nort & Pete: Secured first place in Men's Doubles 50-59.

  • Rich P: Dominated the Men's 25-29 category, clinching the top spot.

  • The Pineapple Tarts (Iain, James, Michelle & Jess): Triumphed in the Mixed Team 40+ category.

  • Ilona: Took first place in the Women's PRO division and the Women's relay.

  • Team WAO Pineapples (Jed, Ian, Ana & Dani): Earned 2nd place in the Under 40 category.

  • Patsy: Impressed with a 2nd place finish in Women's 40-49 Doubles.

WAO Fitness's comprehensive Crossfit training program proved its effectiveness in preparing athletes for diverse challenges. The team's dedication and hard work were evident in their remarkable performances. Thank you to everyone who came down to support and cheer you all made it an amazing vibe. Congratulations to all WAO Fitness athletes on their outstanding achievements at HYROX. We anticipate more successes in the future and wish Nort, Pete, Ilona, and Rich the best as they prepare for the World Championships in France. FULL LIST OF WAO RESULTS Hadders Men's 45-49- 5th Lena Women’s 40-44 - 24th Elliot, Mens PRO, 35-39- 7th Grace Women’s 35-39- 17th James & Iain Men’s Doubles 40-49 26th Brendan & Steve Men’s Doubles 40-49 28th Sean and Polina Mixed Doubles 30-39 17th Borko & Ivanka Mixed Doubles 40-49. -11th Neil & Claudine Mixed Doubles 40-49 -5th Meena Women 35-39 - 14th Poppy & Tom Mixed Doubles U29 - 25th Nick L Men’s 40-44 - 28th Alex H Men’s 35-39 -66th Sophie Women’s Doubles 30-39- 6th

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1 Comment

Oct 18, 2023

Amazing!! Way to go @teamWAO💪🏼🤩🥳🏆

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