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V-Series is designed to hug your wrist and evenly distribute force at just the right angle, giving you the most comfortable, durable, and supportive grip design ever.

Our Fingerless grips are optimized for fast transitions. This style gives you the freedom to flex between gymnastics-based movements and bare-hand movements without skipping a beat.

Tactical 2.0 has a super thin design that provides maximum grip on the outside and a smooth, comfortable surface on the inside. It is a no-fray, ultra-responsive grip allowing a natural hand feel and an increased sense of control.

*Due to the extreme thinness, this material is not for athletes over 185 pounds.   Use of the grips by individuals over the weight recommendation will void the warranty.

V Series Men's Tactical2.0 Freedom


    • Thickness: 1.22mm
    • Protection: Moderate
    • Rep Scheme Volume: Low to Medium
    • Environmental Condition: Rain, Hot, Cold
    • Bar Type: Powder Coated & Speal Bars (Bare Steel)
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