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Full Coverage

Abrasion Resistant

Ultra-Thin & Grippy



The 3FC protects from ripping across all fingers giving you the confidence to go hard inside the gym—without compromising your hands for life outside the gym. We prioritized a thin abrasion-resistant material with minimal adjusting to keep your focus on powering through hard and fast reps on multiple bar types.

**3-Finger grips are designed and intended to be used with fingers through the finger holes.  These grips are not designed to be flapped over the bar and used as fingerless.  Use of the grips without utilizing the finger holes will void the warranty.

Women's Tactical 3-FC

SKU: 126351351935

    • Thickness: 1.35mm
    • Protection: Medium
    • Rep Scheme Volume: Low to Medium
    • Environmental Condition: Rain, Hot, Cold
    • Bar Type: Powder Coated & Speal Bars (Bare Steel)


    Lightly hand wash the yellow kevlar (internal) and wrist straps only in soapy water solution (4L water to 1tbsp soap). Wipe the rubber (external) side of your grips with white vinegar to clean, hang to dry. Our grips should be replaced every 4 to 6 months, based on average use. Please note, your intensity and volume of training may impact the life of your grips. While our grips are durable, we advise you to prioritize safety as your grips age.

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