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Bangkok Throwdown Recap

November 18-19, 2023

group photo bangkok throwdown wao fitness

Epic weekend was had by all.

Being part of a larger team and jetting off to international competitions is an absolute blast. Leading up to the Bangkok Throwdown, the whole crew put in serious work—everyone was hitting the training grind. It wasn't just about the usual routine; some folks were throwing down new skills for the first time, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition prep. Good times all around!

With swimming being announced as an event, many of us took to the pool for the first time- luckily we had elite swimming veteran’s amongst us, Coach Jed being a former Singapore National Champion.

Running a 2 km for the Individuals and a 1200km for the teams saw us all hit the track in preparation, with Coach Ian on hand to help prep for the various distances.

RX Team Ong Lai- 

group photo bangkok throwdown

Ended up placing 5th overall. They had strong finishes in several events. We really got to see hard work pay off as Liane crossed the line in her handstand walk. If you are at the box any dawn patrol- you will catch her constantly drilling techniques and getting 1% better everyday.  Both Yihong and Jed had been hard at work  training their handstand walks, passing the finish line with no problem! Claudine showed all heart and determination never giving up at the handstand wall. 

Elite Team Oh My Quad

group photo bangkok throwdown

- a mixed team with athletes from WAO, Urban Edge and Mobilus. Placed 4th overall, which was remarkable as Polina had been incredibly unwell with Dengue in the weeks prior to the comp. The strong team held it together and  it was a tight race to the podium. Was incredible to watch Sean, Andy and Jeanne throw up some heavy lifts in the Clean and Jerk ladder and make light work of the worm.

Individual RX Women

individuals rx bangkok throwdown

- Ana made her judge sprint in the final event, just trying to keep up with her! It was awesome to watch her fly up the rope like Spiderman- and handstand walk faster than most people can walk the right way up!  Her hard work paid off in the Clean & Jerk ladder - 70kgs went up easily over her head,  Ana finished in 3rd place in a strong field of athletes.

Masters 40+ Women

masters bangkokthrowdown

The first ever competition for Motoko, so brave to just put herself out there! Motoko had a great swim event and achieved PRs in her Clean and Jerk. We can’t wait to see her learning, put into training and come back stronger next year!

Dani went into this comp with an injured wrist but luckily was able to complete  all the movements (albeit, not as quickly or as heavy as she would have liked!) She was very happy to be able to participate with all the strong Masters women from across the region. She placed 4th overall in a close run at the podium.

masters woman bangkok throwdown

Muscle Run

muscle run

Pavel and Rich joined in the fun on the Saturday participating in the Muscle Run. Athletes had to complete a course made up of 6 circuits. Each circuit is made up of 2 segments; a 900m run, followed by a functional fitness workout station. Wall balls, sit ups and the evil Sled Mill made it tough for all. Rich finished in the top 10.

group picture bangkok throwdown

Congratulations to everyone and the team at the Bangkok Throwdown for putting on an excellent event. Thank you to all the judges who flew from all over the region to help, it was an excellent standard across the board.

We look forward to the next one.


Team WAO


Masters women- Dani and Motoko  

RX women -Ana 


RX Team Ong Lai- Jed, Claudine, YiHong and Liane

Elite Team Oh My Quad- Sean, Jeanne, Polina, Andy

Muscle Run - Rich & Pavel

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